"I am amazed at the great response when I send a support request. We feel that we have found a permanent home. Also since we moved up to the top level hosting plan, we have utilized the shopping cart system to it's full potential. Our sales have grown dramatically. Thanks for being here and good luck in the future."
David W. Smith, www.Tack-n-Stuff.com


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Don't wait until your renewal is due! Transfer your domain name to us NOW for only $25 (which adds an additional year of registration to the time you already have left!). Get our exceptional service and a year of registration time added to your domain name for just $25. We'll do all the paperwork, just fill out our easy order form and reply to the authorization email you'll receive and you're done. No more agonizing email forms to fill out. Do it now at this incredibly low price. Subsequent year renewals are at our regular low $25/year price.

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Did you know there are 1000's of sites set up to help you market your products, services and programs to millions of people worldwide - for free?

These sites are called Free Classifieds, Free Link pages, Search Engines, Newsgroups and Message Boards...

But the challenge has always been the TIME it takes to submit your ads / urls / messages to all these different places. You could spend 100's of hours doing this every month and have little to show for it.

WHY Does This Happen?

Free Marketing Tip #1

To get the most out of these FREE places to advertise, you have to submit regularly - like daily, weekly and monthly. Due to sheer number of sites you can spend every minute of the day - just doing daily submissions and then you fall behind on other submissions - and there goes the free benefits! It takes on average 5 to 10 minutes to do EACH submission by hand - Plus, never mind the other stuff like filling orders, answering email and more marketing.

Free Marketing Tip #2

In order to make sales, get sign ups, or just get traffic you need to get your message out regularly and repeatedly. This takes time if you do it by hand. Statistics show it takes 7 or more repeated times for a person to see your message to respond. Unless you get your message out to the FREE sites regularly - you are losing sales... that come at no COST to you except your time.

Free Marketing Tip #3

Unless you know which FREE sites PERFORM, you could be wasting time - and if you do not know when they accept ads...or forget to re-submit... For example - do you know how to use Yahoo! Free Classifieds ? Most people don't...you could be making profits from just this classifieds alone... if you only knew....

So how do you use all these 1000's of FREE sites to promote and do it in less time?

The Classified Ad Submitter Software,
Power Submitter


newrotating.gif (6196 bytes) "EXTREME"
20X faster than previous versions!

Read about all the features it gives you - you will soon understand how much this valuable , easy to use tool can help you save time, reach more people and INCREASE your profits almost overnight....


  • Multiply your profits in less time - place more ads, quicker & better means more business faster.
  • Reach millions of people for FREE, using the Top1000+ Free classifieds power submitter(including YAHOO! - which also tells you EXACTLY how to use this powerful FREE classifieds) Module, in just a few minutes - compared to over 100's of hours of submissions by hand!
  • No typing - fully automatic program does it all for you - fills in the form, submits it and goes on to the next one - all automatically - AVERAGE of LESS THAN 3 Seconds per submission  [now even faster in the EXTREME version] compared to 5 to 10 minutes per submission by hand.
  • Upgrade to add more capabilities - you never have to use multiple programs again... in addition all your information can be used in ALL OTHER modules too.
  • You can download this software, have it sent to you on disk, or access it online (for WEBTV) server. Completely self-installing - download and get on your way in 15 minutes - just click and go....
  • Easy to use : Enter your ad, choose a category and CLICK


  • All Sites are hand picked - for volume of traffic and quality - to make sure you get the most for your money.

  • Free Lifetime upgrades - as new sites are found you get them FREE. You buy ONCE and your 'investment grows'....

  • You can save and load ads for later use...No limits - you can have 1 ad or 1000 ads - no more re-typing ads!

  • You can use this product for PROFESSIONAL use at NO EXTRA Charge. Start your own submissions business!

  • Multiple ad/url submissions are FULLY automatic - submit up to 15 ads/urls to all sites, automatically at once - you can then load another 15 and do it again... this saves you even more time! 

  • Unlimited Submissions: You have options - you can submit daily, weekly, monthly - whatever & whenever YOU want - to exactly taylor your campaign to meet your goals better.

  • Complete Control of Submissions - Manual, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic - so you can choose EXACTLY what you want to do and how you want to do it...

  • Add more modules like: Free Message Boards, Free For All Links, Search Engines, Email Submitter, Newsgroups, Paid Classifieds modules...to increase the functions of the submitter.   

  • You can design 'modules' custom made for yourself in minutes AND you can mix and match modules... NO restrictions.

  • Additional features to further increase speed of designing ads and duplication of information to save even more time.

  • Multiple Ad Generation...Instantly 'clone' your information for rapid ad generation.

  • Software is now Self Updating, program AUTOMATICALLY adds new sites for you to use!

  • NEW! Version 7 - Repromote Module now included - Tracks, Logs and Tells you when to REPROMOTE on time to the SECOND!

  • NEW! EXTREME VERSION: 20X faster than older versions!

  • NEW! EXTREME VERSION: HyperpastePLUS module included - Find and ADD your own sites !

  • NEW! EXTREME VERSION: Ultra Smart Module, to make sure your site[s] get submitted !

  • We GUARANTEE this software will save you time in internet advertising and marketing or your money back AND we will provide free updates too, for the LIFE of the product - Order your copy right now, and enjoy your extra profits made and time saved, right now!


  • Windows (3.1, 95, 98, 2000, NT), ALL IBM and 'clones', Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, and WEBTV PLUS platforms
  • Netscape , Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer Browser / AOL browser version level 3.x / 4.x / 5x and up.
  • The Power Submitter can be used on ANY platform, regardless of processor speed, ram or hard drive space.

The cost of this product is EASILY returned to you in 1 or 2 uses!

  • The increase in sales though repetitive, and more consistent exposure.
  • The time saved - your time, your employees time, your associates time...dial up time... and more...
  • With the time saved, you can market through other methods - plus have time to update and work on your website(s).
  • Building your business - by increasing your sales FOR FREE - you can re-invest your money into your business to make it grow faster...


(Time is money too!)

Enter Ad by Hand

Power Submitter

  • Find website(s)

  • Scan site, wait for pages to download... find ad form.

  • Type in information by hand...

  • Press SUBMIT.

  • This takes from 5 to 10 minutes per AD / URL.

  • All websites in program.

  • Your ad is stored in a special form - program converts, sends and submits all at once.

  • You press START and it submits to multiple sites...of any types.

  • EACH submission takes LESS THAN 3 seconds per site.

  • Power Submitter will continue AUTOMATICALLY with submissions...and then stop by itself.

For Example:
Classifieds For Free: ( http://www.classifiedsforfree.com ) has 46 categories, with 300 sections (50 states with major cities in each).

If you didn't have the Power Submitter software, here's what you would do to submit ONE ad in ONE Category:

  • ... Choose state...
  • wait for page to download...
  • choose city...
  • wait for page to download...
  • choose category...
  • wait for page to download...
  • type in ad...
  • wait for page to download...
  • confirm ad...
  • then press the back button 4 times
  • ...and start again...

All of this for one measly ad!

Now .. enter the Classifieds Ad Submitter
- Power Submitter

Choose any (or all) of the 1000+ classifieds you want to submit to, and hit START - that's it!

It will then submit all your data to each and every classifieds you have chosen - and stop automatically.

Includes batch editor and creator for making your own custom templates, for exact precise placement of ads to your choosing. Also this program is module based, more modules will soon be available for you to add even more powerful ways to get the word out even faster!

Here's a sample of the free classified sites that
Power Submitter submits to:

Kingdom Classifieds, 1 America Mall, 5 Star, Best Mall, Citynews (over 500 sites!), Ads For Less, Matilda (Search Engine), NightFall, Classifieds Online, Yahoo! Free Classifieds, Leading Edge (1000s of classifieds), Classifieds 2000 (over 160 plus sites!),

...And Many More!

New Classifieds and Sites being added all the time... at NO EXTRA COST - you will receive these in Free upgrades.

imgaward.gif (2166 bytes) The Power Submitter received 5 out of 5 Stars!

Here's what some of our customers had to say:

"Please use my compliments as a reference. I fully endorse IT. This is such a wonderful program! I still can't believe how easy and how fast you made it to post on Yahoo! Classifieds. You are a genius!"  
Thanks, Armando Hedrick

"Just wanted to THANK YOU for offering this tremendous upgrade to the pro version of the submitter. I use the submitter daily and it has REALLY increased my business. Thanks for all your hard work! I look forward to more of your goodies." Sincerely, Steve Nashville, TN

"We have purchased a variety of software products from your company and thought a letter of appreciation was in order. We have found the quality of your service and products to be unprecedented and have been completely satisfied with both. All too often in the fast-paced world of business, people neglect to take time to let others know when they are satisfied, but seem to find the time when they have a problem. We would like to thank you for your quality products and timely response to any of our questions. Both have helped our business a great deal. Please feel free to use this as a letter of reference. We would like others to know as well." Sincerely, Bruce Hauglum President Norse Enterprises unlimited-profits.com

"Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your software is really terrific! I've had five people sign up within 24 hours to three of my programs! Let me know if you come out with any more software! Thank you again!!" 
Sincerely, Claire Kellogg

"Dear Sirs:   I have just purchased your fantastic software and am enjoying good results within 24hrs! " Grant McKenzie, (Australia)

" Thanks very much for your latest update. I'm very impressed with your software and your service." Mogens Brandt

" Just got your update info on the program I purchased. BTW, the program is just OUTSTANDING......I'm very pleased. I'm also interested in becoming a re-seller and interested in any other opportunities to join y'all in promoting these products. Any and all info appreciated. Thanks!"
Steve Ham  
The ASAGroup asagroup.org

"David, I must say so, you are a #$%^ing genius. Sorry for the foul language, but I have to say it. The Ad only took place this last night, and I have already gotten 2 orders (each for $ 1500) and 10 orders for memberships ($9.99 each) to my sites. So, according to my calculations, I have made a $%^ load more money already than the program cost.."   Thanks in Advance, Anthony

"Recently completed my first submission using the Power Submitter. I am thoroughly amazed at the ease and efficiency of this product. Stated simply, there is NO better, smarter or efficient way to place multiple classified ads. Thanks much!! " C. Harlan Jacobs

"Hello, thanks for such a quick response. By the way this program is great. It has cut my classified submitting time down to what seems like nothing. I spend a couple hours doing what used to take me days, and I'm getting more done now." Thanks Sam Marsh


Order the Power Submitter Now!


Easy To Use

Type your ad and information in ONCE, save as many ads as you like. Select the sites you want to submit your ads to and click on start... you are up and running in less than 15 minutes... operations are streamlined so the program does the work for you. You always have complete customer support - should you have a question, comment or suggestion...

Unlimited Plug-In Power

Never worry again about LIMITATIONS - no matter how many free classifieds, free links, search engines and more there are - this program will be able to submit to them. In addition as new methods of advertising and marketing become available, the POWER SUBMITTER will adapt.

And... all the files you make can ALSO be used with these new modules - You will save even more time... PLUS no re-learning software!

EXTRA Features

Powerful template creation technology let's you custom tailor any submissions you want - quickly and effectively. You can COMBINE any type of submissions into one template - even link templates together for UNLIMITED submissions. Imagine creating the 'perfect submission' - it does the Free Classifieds, Free For All Links, Search Engines and more.... 'all in a row'... - just the way you want. Just click START and it submits to all of them, automatically by itself. This program is designed to handle an UNLIMITED number of scripts and modules. No matter how many free classifieds, free search engines, free links, free Message boards (and more) there are, you will be able to submit to them NOW and in the FUTURE.

Free Updates

Like all internet submissions software, we provide free updates - as free classifieds, search engines, free links websites change method of submissions, names, urls . And we also include new sites as they are found / reviewed.

The Power Submitter package includes:

  • Top1000+ Free Classifieds Module ($70 Value)

  • Yahoo! Free Classifieds Submitter Module ($25 Value)

  • POWER SUBMITTER ENGINE (100X+++ Faster than typing) ($100 value)

  • Template and module editor/creator ($100 value).

  • NEW! Re-Promote Module - Tracks, Logs and Tells you when to REPROMOTE which sites and when, down to the SECOND, for maximum effectiveness!

  • NEW ! HypepastePlus Module FREE! ($50 value) - add your own sites...and much more!

  • Free Updates and New sites added for the life of the product.

  • TOTAL VALUE: $345+

Special Price: $97.00 US


We GUARANTEE this software will save you time in internet advertising and marketing AND we will provide free updates too, for the LIFE of the product.

Order your copy right now,
and enjoy the extra profits you'll make and all the time you'll save.

Go to Power Submitter Order Form


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